Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

by Johnny Raincloud

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Mike Stortz: Guitar/Vocals
Jon Hampton: Bass
Jake Ransom: Drums/Percussion/Vibes


released June 15, 2017

Recorded/Mixed: Jake Ransom
Mastered: Dana White
Photos: Mike Stortz



all rights reserved


Johnny Raincloud Portland, Oregon

New Jersey native Mike Stortz started Johnny Raincloud while living in Florida. He has since relocated to Portland Oregon and is joined by his cousin Jon on bass and Jake Ransom on drums.

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Track Name: Phobophobia
It's the apocalypse a dystopian dream
the internet would be the one to kill you and me
too busy kissing mirrors and those cell phone screens

Tonys buying drugs from the comfort of his Mom's home
He's drooling on the keyboard from the shit he bought off Silk Road
Cops are always watching always flying those little drones
We can watch him go to rehab on his own reality show

Susie cant find love on the internet she swiped right he swiped left
Shes always single always twirling her hair
She loves sending pictures to me laying in her underwear

instagram photoshop that pic
why dont ya post it up and tag your b b b buddy list

My dads obsessed with his vintage video games
I don't he's left the basement in a whole three days
he's not some widower but mom's never home
because the bars a better time than that sad shit show

Take me to the country no satellite beams I want to run and play outside with no one watching me...
Track Name: American Family
I got a job so I could buy a car that could take me to my job
The job pays for the gas until that car just falls apart here I am right back to the start...
I love a girl (turns out that she doesnt like very much of anything) turns out that we hate the very same exact things. Misery loves the company
Lets buy a house lets get a dog she will have to marry me
Lets have some kids maybe one two or three
Lets teach them how not to be like me!

I got an American Family

I hate my job
I hate my wife
she hates those kids
they hate the dog
I dont think it will take very long
until that dog starts to bite me

I lost my job today now all my bills they wont get paid found out that my wife turned gay there goes me getting laid my dog died on my birthday

I got an American Family
I pledge allegiance to me me me.
Track Name: The Wolf In My Back Seat
Here comes a full moon something strange comes over you the dogs inside will soon come out tonight.

You think it's kinda weird staring in the face of your biggest fears
Well Objects in the mirror may seem closer than they appear.

It's Better to not know the way you die
Life Ain't Nothing Without The Surprise

Taking back the time that the time did take from me
I wont wait anymore won't wait till you're all good and ready
I won't wait anymore I don't want to wait no more
Puffin' till I blow down the door like that wolf in me.